Understanding How for Home Automation WiFi and RF Switches Work

Understanding How for Home Automation WiFi and RF Switches Work

Summary: Have you ever thought that technology will make life as easy as automating your electrical appliances at your fingertips? If you have not, now is a good time to read this blog!

With the advancement of technology, home automation has fast become one of the go-to methods for people who like technology that lessens unnecessary work. However, in spite of the fact that it is becoming quite a common installation, a lot of people are still amused and flabbergasted at how these things work. The irony is, that the simplicity of its working is as surprising as the work that gets done.

However, this blog looks to make an enlightening journey into understanding the difference between the radio frequency and Wi Fi home automation and how they work! Let’s take a look –

Radio frequency or RF Home Automation

These come with a remote and a device that will decipher the commands. The method is simple. All one has to do is buy a RF home automation device and connect the circuits of the intended automated electronic appliances with the device. Many RF automated devices can handle 4 different electronic appliances, each of up to 1000 watt power.

Once the circuits are joined with the device, it must be powered and the single remote can control the switching on and off of all the devices that are connected with it. How it happens is through radio frequency, where the radio message sent by the remote is received and understood by the device to perform the actions. Since the remote and device use frequency, these devices have quite the range of communication and you can control your appliances from pretty far away.

Wi-Fi Home Automation

A bit different from the usage of radio frequency, this tunes in the receiver device with the Wi Fi connectivity of your smartphone through an app. Once connectivity is established, your smartphone can be used as a remote to turn on or turn off your appliances from anywhere in the world. The huge range is because, rather than using a frequency, this device uses messages that are sent from the app’s cloud link to the device – making it so convenient. All one has to do is keep the receiver device plugged in and they are good to go.

Now that you have a fair understanding of the basic premise, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of home automation WiFi & RF switches

  1. Control multiple devices

No need to find the switches of the different appliances throughout the house. With this technology, you can control multiple devices at your fingertips and make things really comfortable and hassle free at your home. Now, no matter who comes in when, they won’t need to get accustomed at your place for ever.

  • Less legwork

If science and tech aren’t helping people lessen legwork in their lives then what’s the point of billion dollar researches. With this kind of automated technology, even your electric appliances become no less than your TV as you oversee them as their sire and bid them to work at your pleasure whenever you see fit.

Easy handling, lots of advantages, and not very complicated; these home automation devices have it all. In fact, if one can afford it (these are very cheap), then it would be a sin to actually not get them and get up every day to switch something on or off. Don’t keep waiting – do your homework for taking the best buying decision.

3 Reasons To Automate Your House Using Wi-Fi And Rf Switches

3 Reasons To Automate Your House Using Wi-Fi And Rf Switches

We live in a world where the power of the internet is felt significantly. The technological advancement has made life easier for us. And this technology is being used in abundance now by homeowners, who are opting to automate their houses. Automation houses have existed for over 80 years now. In the last 80 years, automated houses have morphed into something better, courtesy internet.

With home automation Wi-Fi and RF switches connection available everywhere, the smart homes do more than just controlling a few appliances; it thinks for us. The advantages of home automation can be summarized here for a better idea of the concept.

  • It can add safety to the house

From locking the door to switching on the alarm system, the Wi-Fi automation system allows you to control every corner of the house, without having to fear about the robbers. You can switch on the light before even stepping inside and without fearing what is hiding in the shadows. Wi-Fi automation system can be used to increase the security of your house. It is easy to take control of the house and keep yourself alerted about all the activities taking place indoors.

  • Increases energy efficiency

Often times, we leave the room without switching off the lights, or maybe forget to turn off the main switch of an appliance. With an automation system that is controlled by a simple switch, it becomes easy to remote different systems and appliances which are not in use. You don’t have to worry about wasting electricity. Every corner of the house stays under your control, helping you make your home an energy efficient one.

  • Automation brings convenience

One of the biggest troubles of homeowners is the inconvenience of watching their home. With the ability to keep an eye on the house, even when you are miles away, is convenience served to you. You have to switch off the TV in another room; you don’t have to walk at all. Just a move of a finger and the work gets done. Automation system makes life easier and more accessible for you.

Hence, by installing home automation Wi-Fi and RF switches, your home can become the safe haven you always wanted it to become. Different types of systems with a variety of functions are available. You can pick the one which complements the requirement of your house. Make life easier today by getting home automation Wi-Fi systems.

Need Gym Motivation? Get Good Earphones, Says Science

Need Gym Motivation? Get Good Earphones, Says Science

It’s a well-established fact—music swings emotions. Listen to a sad song and you will instantly get into that gloomy mood. But tune in to something like ‘Lose Yourself’ by Eminem, and you would find yourself completely pumped up, highly motivated, ready to take on any challenge the world throws at you.  

Not only in personal observations, this is something that has been proven well and beyond by countless studies and researchers.

Costas Karageorghis, one of the world’s leading experts on the psychology of exercise music, has called workout tunes as “a type of legal performance-enhancing drug”. He says music helps people distract from their pain and fatigue, which goes on to increase their endurance and enhance their mood.

So have you been looking for some motivation that pushes you to get out of your bed every day and holds you through intensive workout sessions – plug in some jam in your ear and find your groove.

But hold on now…

Yes, science says (right) music during workouts is a great source of motivation. But you also got to listen to technology, which says you need high-quality headphones to make that happen.

Do You have Good-Quality Earphones?

Even with so many varieties of headphones available in the market, quality still seems to be in scarce. Among many flaws, the sound quality they produce is uneven with poor bass and inability to effectively reduce noise.

And not to forget their longevity! Mingled wires, rough usage, and the regular instances of “oh-my-god-I-just-sat-on-my-headphone”, the product lasts for only a few weeks, duping you of your investment.  When used during workout sessions, its durability further decreases. Then, add to that the inconvenience of exercising with wires all around.

To ensure, you’re soaking in the real power of high Beats Per Minute (BPM) and magic of inspiring tunes, the first thing you need to do is invest in good quality headphones.

5 Tips To Buy The Best Workout Earphones

Like mentioned already, there are countless varieties of headphones out in the market. When buying one, you’re tasked to weed out the bad from good ones and pick something that’s of high quality, comes with a warranty period and is well within your budget.

Here are 5 simple tips to buy the best workout earphones online:

  1. Say Goodbye to the Wire– Pick wireless headphones or the ones that have wire just around your neck. When working out, the wire can create all sorts of inconvenience. And that’s not something you want. When at the gym, you must be as minimalist as possible so as to move freely.
  2. Check The Warranty– Don’t buy any headphone that doesn’t come with a warranty period. A minimum of 6 months assurance is a must on your online purchase. Although good quality brands would usually offer one-year warranty period.
  3. Don’t buy cheap– But don’t buy an expensive headphone either. Before going for shopping set a strict budget. Remember, cheaply priced earphone won’t deliver quality sound. And the expensive ones, well, you don’t really need them for your gym. Anywhere around $30 or Rs 2000 is a great choice.
  4. Eliminate the noise– Buy audio Bluetooth earphones that have the noise cancellation feature. This is important for the gym, where everyone is clanging-and-banging, you need to shut down all the noise around and focus on just the music and your exercise.
  5. Stylish looking– While this may not be as big of a factor to consider here, but having a stylish looking headphone does feel good. Would it not? So make sure the color, size, and sleekness of what you’re buying are good enough.

These are 5 things/tips you must consider when purchasing your audio Bluetooth earphones for your everyday gym-sessions.

Find the right headphone; put an upbeat song on a loop, and workout for straight hours with no loss of enthusiasm and motivation.

5 Ways How Audio Bluetooth Headphones Could Be Your Friend On-The-Go!

5 Ways How Audio Bluetooth Headphones Could Be Your Friend On-The-Go!

Summary: A lot of people are still hung up on old school wired headsets and it’s very hard to see why? This blog tries to be the voice of reason and enunciates why Bluetooth is the way to go for headphones.

Everyone likes plugging into the iPod or smartphone when they are on-the-go for their daily dose of music and entertainment. However, wired headphones can be quite a hassle and when you are traveling. Audio Bluetooth earphones on the other hand are easy to deal with compared to their archaic cousins. This blog is going to enlist all the reasons why you should always choose Bluetooth headphones over dangling wires –

  1. It’s easy to control

Are you on the road? One click on the headphone and the music stops and waits for you till you have crossed the road safely and clicked the start button again. You don’t need to get your whole phone out anymore, hanging at the end of a headphone wire, unlock it, and then pause the music to cross the road. Did anyone say convenient? You betcha!

  • Wide range

You could have forgotten your phone in your car when you went inside the In-N-Out store at the gas station. But, if you have Bluetooth headset on, there is no need to run back and get it immediately. With a good Bluetooth headset, the song will keep playing and you can even attend calls if you need to in this time span. Seriously, it’s amazing how people are still attaching themselves to wires in spite of the best technological advanced gadgets at their footsteps.

  • Public transport made easy

Whether you travel by the subway or take a bus – public transport and music become a whole lot easier with Bluetooth earphones. There is no wire hanging down your torso like a ticking time bomb, ready to be snapped out of your ears at the tiniest of human interaction. Now, your headphone stays in place even on the most challenging subway rides that are so full of people that you can’t see your feet.

  • Better movie watching experience

A lot of people watch movies on their mobile phones with so many online streaming channels and websites remodelling themselves to increase their mobile viewership. With a pair of Bluetooth headsets, you could have a more immersive sound experience with most offering better base and treble than regular ones. Also, you could hold your phone as you like and there will be no need for you to worry about the length of the wire and stuff like that.

  • No more untying the knots of a sailor

If you thought navy knots were complicated, try using a wired headphone after you have stuffed in your pocket. It would take you more time to untie it and you might even be at your destination once you plug it in. All of the hassle, none of the fun!  Bluetooth headsets, however, are very convenient in this regard and you can just have them hanging around your neck. Connectivity happens within seconds once you switch it on and then you are off to a start.

These 5 reasons are quite enough for you change into a Bluetooth headset from a regular wired one. Now then, why wait any longer, get your favorite one today!

Everything you need to know about humidifiers to combat indoor air pollution

Everything you need to know about humidifiers to combat indoor air pollution   

In simple words, a humidifier is a device which increases the moisture in a single room. Commonly used during winters when the air becomes dry and cold, air quality for humidifiers are used to moisten the air to challenge the tough conditions. Often times, a humidifier is also used to combat indoor air pollution. But why do we really need an air humidifier? What is the significance of an air humidifier? Keep reading to know more.

Why do you need a humidifier?

The air can sometimes become too dry, leading to a lot of challenges like trouble in breathing. Humidity in the surrounding is required for the body to function well. Thus, using a humidifier can relieve you of the following symptoms. 

  • A chronic runny nose
  • Dry skin
  • Chapped lips
  • Nosebleeds
  • Asthma
  • Allergy
  • Sinus congestion
  • Dry throat

What does the humidifier do?

The primary function of a humidifier is to add to dampness to the air. Increased moisture can lead to improved humidity in the air that can be useful to fight off pollution. Dust particles, a significant contributor to air pollution, become frequent as the surrounding becomes dry. Lack of moisture allows the particles to move freely, affecting the overall quality of air inside your home. Air humidifier aims at reducing pollution by infusing moist in the air. If you reside in an area which struggles with air pollution, it is a smart move to get a humidifier.

Also, if the air becomes too parched inside the room, static electricity is produced, which causes the paint and furniture to crack.

Thus, using an air humidifier has quite a few benefits to every soul living in the house.

Precautions to take when using a humidifier

Just as useful as a humidifier can be, there are a few risk avoidance you should be mindful of. Keep these points in mind to avoid mishaps at home, especially if you have kids. Read the instruction manual thoroughly before using the humidifier.

  • The humidity level should be kept between 30to 50 percent. Excess moisture can stir up dust miles and molds, which can increase air contamination excessively.
  • It is always recommended to use filter water to avoid circulating minerals and micro-organisms found in tap water.
  • Bacteria can grow easily if the humidifier is not cleaned regularly. It is also important to change the stagnant water to avoid mold growth.
  • Clean the filter regularly to rid it of accumulated dust materials.  

What to look for when buying a humidifier?

Humidifiers come in different shapes and sizes. You can pick a model depending on the décor and size of the room where it will be kept. There are three main types of humidifiers which you can mainly look for.

  1. Warm mist humidifiers are designed to heat the water to boil and then push the steam out.
  2. Cool mist humidifiers expel cool mist which is ideal for children.
  3. Whole-house humidifiers are fitted in the air heating system and aim at dampening the air throughout the house.

Air quality for humidifiers is beneficial and helps keep the air in the house clean. This is a small step to cleaning the air for a better living.

Eyeing on humidifiers to improve your indoor air quality? Here’s what you know!

Eyeing on humidifiers to improve your indoor air quality? Here’s what you know!

Do you feel uncomfortable inside your home during winters or while your AC is on to beat the heat in summer? Actually, the dry air indoors causes bloody nose, dry sinus, chapped lips, breathing troubles, and other respiratory issues. If you regularly go through these, it is advisable to buy a high quality and branded humidifier to improve your indoor air quality. This is a device that maintains the humidity of the air inside homes and doesn’t let it rise too high or become extremely low.

So what is a humidifier?
Humidifiers are basically devices that emit water vapor and regulate the moistness inside homes.   These help to maintain the humidity balance in indoor air, so that homeowners don’t face issues like asthma, poor skin conditions, allergies and even few types of damages caused to homes as well.

The types of humidifiers available in the market today
Today, with the increasing demand for humidifiers, people have become more aware to use these too. But do you have any idea about their types or essential genres? Here are some of them.

Central humidifier
Built in the central heating and cooling unit of a home, this is the most expensive one and can regulate the humidity level in all the rooms.

Ultrasonic humidifier
Available in different sizes, this is the most versatile one that works with ultrasonic vibrations and offers both warm and cool mist options.  

These are the most common types of humidifiers and work through fans attached inside them. They put too much moisture in the air and suitable for homes that produce excessive dry air.

Steam vaporisers
These are very affordable and also portable. These generally work by heating water and cooling it as per required.

Apart from health benefits humidifiers also benefit a home in several ways.
There is no denial of the fact the humidifiers are magical to one’s health indoors, helping people to deal with asthma, dry eyes, sore throats, cold and flu and much more. But not everyone is aware that humidifiers also benefit the wellbeing of a home. Here’s how.

Ø  The most air is productive for the plants kept inside homes
Too much dry air indoors make it difficult for plants to thrive, and moist air helps them stay fresh through a humidifier.

Ø  Good for winter, saving money
In winter, using a heater becomes quite expensive and increases your electricity bills. A humidifier is not only affordable but easily keeps the air warmer during winters.

Ø  Reduces static electricity
Sometimes, when the dry air becomes too much indoors, touching certain things can result in electric shock, and adding moisture to air through humidifier restricts this.

Ø  Shield of protection for wooden pieces of stuff
The dry air causes the wooden furniture or the windows and doors to get cracked and distorted in quality. Humidifiers add moistness and protect them.  

Now that you have made up your mind to buy one of the best devices to improve air quality for humidifiers, here are some tips to maintain it.

o   Always used mineral or distilled water in humidifiers as it will keep the air clean indoors.

o   Make sure to change the water daily, and also clean the device at least weekly so that no dust or dirt accumulate.

o   The humidifiers which have filters attached should be inspected and changed at short intervals.

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