Understanding How for Home Automation WiFi and RF Switches Work

Understanding How for Home Automation WiFi and RF Switches Work

Summary: Have you ever thought that technology will make life as easy as automating your electrical appliances at your fingertips? If you have not, now is a good time to read this blog!

With the advancement of technology, home automation has fast become one of the go-to methods for people who like technology that lessens unnecessary work. However, in spite of the fact that it is becoming quite a common installation, a lot of people are still amused and flabbergasted at how these things work. The irony is, that the simplicity of its working is as surprising as the work that gets done.

However, this blog looks to make an enlightening journey into understanding the difference between the radio frequency and Wi Fi home automation and how they work! Let’s take a look –

Radio frequency or RF Home Automation

These come with a remote and a device that will decipher the commands. The method is simple. All one has to do is buy a RF home automation device and connect the circuits of the intended automated electronic appliances with the device. Many RF automated devices can handle 4 different electronic appliances, each of up to 1000 watt power.

Once the circuits are joined with the device, it must be powered and the single remote can control the switching on and off of all the devices that are connected with it. How it happens is through radio frequency, where the radio message sent by the remote is received and understood by the device to perform the actions. Since the remote and device use frequency, these devices have quite the range of communication and you can control your appliances from pretty far away.

Wi-Fi Home Automation

A bit different from the usage of radio frequency, this tunes in the receiver device with the Wi Fi connectivity of your smartphone through an app. Once connectivity is established, your smartphone can be used as a remote to turn on or turn off your appliances from anywhere in the world. The huge range is because, rather than using a frequency, this device uses messages that are sent from the app’s cloud link to the device – making it so convenient. All one has to do is keep the receiver device plugged in and they are good to go.

Now that you have a fair understanding of the basic premise, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of home automation WiFi & RF switches

  1. Control multiple devices

No need to find the switches of the different appliances throughout the house. With this technology, you can control multiple devices at your fingertips and make things really comfortable and hassle free at your home. Now, no matter who comes in when, they won’t need to get accustomed at your place for ever.

  • Less legwork

If science and tech aren’t helping people lessen legwork in their lives then what’s the point of billion dollar researches. With this kind of automated technology, even your electric appliances become no less than your TV as you oversee them as their sire and bid them to work at your pleasure whenever you see fit.

Easy handling, lots of advantages, and not very complicated; these home automation devices have it all. In fact, if one can afford it (these are very cheap), then it would be a sin to actually not get them and get up every day to switch something on or off. Don’t keep waiting – do your homework for taking the best buying decision.

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